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Artwork & Decorating


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What We Request

Artwork is requested in a high resolution .EPS digital file via email or on a CD.  In addition a .jpeg of your artwork is helpful.  The quality of your artwork will determine the quality of the reproduction.


Artwork should be sent in an EPS Vector file with all fonts converted to outlines or curves or they should include the Macintosh fonts as required.  Adobe Illustrator files should be saved as Illustrator EPS and in the native illustrator 8.0 or earlier format.



The Process


Once your order is confirmed and the artwork received we'll prepare an artwork proof with an illustration or image of the decorated product including placement, size and colour of the artwork.  Please proof this carefully.  A signed approval is required before the product is decorated. 




Colour separations are required if your imprint includes more than one colour. 

For a one colour application a black and white file is requested. Artwork with grey tones or half tones may have limited applications for imprinting and could require pantone matching.


Decorating Colours


Please provide the “Pan Tone” colour number or PMS colour with your artwork submission.  PMS colours are only required when an exact colour match is required. Pantone matching on promotional items may be an additional charge. Please consult the product  "Decorating" details of a product to learn more.



Artwork Security


Artwork provided by the client is the property of the client and any modifications will be for the sole purposes of adopting it to various applications.  Prices are based on client supplied Vector Artwork, in EPS format.   Typesetting, re-design, and logo design by Idea Incentives is available for an additional charge of $75.00/hr.  The artwork required may vary with the application and the product chosen.


Artwork Methods


An imprint is made any time your logo, company name, advertising message, or tag line is applied to a product. The product selected determines the imprinting method to be used. The following methods are the most common that we use:





The image is depressed into a material such as paper, leather or

suede, so the image sits below the product surface.


Decal Transfer


The decal is printed on an offset or letterset press,

submerged in water and placed on the product. Excess water and air is

eliminated and the product is kiln-fired, which is a process that fuses the

decal with the glaze. This is most often seen on glass and china.




Molten metal is injected into the cavity of a carved die to make

a mold.  Moulds can then be used to produce glass platters, or chocolate medals and shapes.



This is the raising of an image on a product, accomplished by

pressing the material between concave and convex dies.




A design is stitched into fabric using a high-speed,

computer-controlled sewing machine.

If you are interested in having your logo embroidered on a garment, the first

thing we do is convert the logo to stitches in other words, "digitize" it.


Idea Incentives  will work with you to recommend an appropriate size to suit

the item being embroidered. Should you wish to have the same logo embroidered

on another item, the size of your digitized logo can be adjusted by 5-10%

without losing any stitch quality. If you would like it increased or decreased

beyond these parameters or if you would like to edit the design itself, we

would need to create a new disk.



This process cuts an image into metal, wood, plastic or glass by one of

three methods - computerized engraving (cutting or engraving), hand tracing, or hand engraving.  This includes wood lids, wood bases, glass bases, mugs, and plastic and metal plates.

  • Plastic Plates with black  – these are the most economical when customizing a framed prints or a wooden base. 
  • Laser Engraving on Plastic –black shows through once the plate is engraved.
  • Screen Printing on Plastic – shows as black as well.
  • Metal Plates – these are a finer quality plate, and a long time standard.
  • Laser Engraving – shows as a dark charcoal, black on the metal.
  • Screen Printing -  shows as black.
  • Diamond Dragging – shows as an etch, in the color of the metal.  Font choices are limited to standard fonts.



An image is covered with a protective coating that resists acid. The

image is then exposed, leaving bare metal and protected metal. The acid

attacks only the exposed metal, leaving the image etched onto the surface.


Hot Stamping


A dry imprinting process in which a design or type is set on a

relief die that is subsequently impressed with heat and pressure onto the

printing surface. (Offset Lithography: A printing process in which the image

is transferred to a rubber blanket, which in turn applies it to the surface to

be printed.)


Pad Printing


A recessed surface is covered with ink. When the plate is wiped

clean, ink remains in the recessed areas. A silicone pad then presses against

the plate, pulls the ink out of the recesses, and presses it directly onto the




A blast of air or steam carrying sand at high velocity is used to etch glass or rock that has been masked with tape. Produces a deeper etch.




An image is transferred to the printed surface by ink

squeeged through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame. Screens are

treated with a light-sensitive emulsion, and then film positives are put in

contact with the screens and exposed to light. The light hardens the emulsion

not covered by the film, leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to

force ink through. This is also called silk screening.




Stamps are needed for imprinting on paper & for ceramic impressions (clay medallions).  One stamp can be used several times and is kept by Idea Incentives for customers use exclusively.


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