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Corporate Gifting

Your Corporate Gifting Partner

Gifting feels good – both for the giver and the receiver.

As gift experts, we’ve seen first-hand how heartfelt expressions of appreciation can strengthen bonds between staff, teams, clients and customers.

We specialize in corporate gifting solutions for incentives, meetings, retreats, employee recognition and client appreciation. Since 1999, we’ve worked with hundreds of meeting and event planners, business and HR leaders, and corporate administrators helping them build relationships and create enduring sentimental impact through quality gifting programs.

We ask the right questions to get to the heart of your brand values, program priorities, scope and parameters, so we can deliver a customized and seamless gifting solution. From concept to delivery we integrate strategic, creative and logistical gifting services. You will save time, energy and money because we expertly manage all of your gifting needs.

Feel confident that the gifts you’re giving are unique, thoughtful, quality products your recipients will love for years to come. Consider us your partner in the art of meaningful corporate gifting.

Gifts are the ultimate gesture of appreciation.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Founder + Creative Director

Juliette Sale

It’s a rare and exceptional gift to work with a partner who excels in the strategy, creative and logistics of corporate gifting. Juliette understands how gifting makes the recipient feel seen. She takes the same approach with every client, working to understand their goals and values. Then she translates this into creative custom gifting solutions that communicate exactly how our clients want to express their gratitude and celebrate their relationships.

Juliette’s background in design and manufacturing, her passion for quality crafted artisan products and her ability to connect authentically with people led her to launch Idea Incentives, pairing corporate gifting with authentic relationship building.

As a product specialist and designer with an exceptional eye for detail and aesthetic appeal, Juliette has been active in the event and hospitality communities – locally and globally – since 1996.

She measures success by positive relationships. She is driven to actively serve the international incentive community with unremitting quality and the kind of personal touch that takes corporate gifting to the next level.

Director of Marketing

Lee McGuire

As our director of marketing, Lee puts his passion for gifting beautiful products and forging meaningful connections to work in creating high-quality messaging and visuals to convey the authentic intentions behind Idea Incentives.

His communication campaigns and brand awareness initiatives showcase the genuine value of corporate gifting, and the benefit of matching just the right products and solutions to every individual client.

Gifting conveys feelings of care and consideration.

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Our Vision, Values
+ Purpose

Adding joy to daily lives

Finding just the right way to express your gratitude and appreciation can make a lasting impression and plant the seeds of cherished memories for years to come.

That’s why we take the time to work closely with every client to create custom gifting programs designed to surprise, delight, celebrate and deepen personal connections while consciously reflecting the brand’s values and personality.

Our expressive gift curation and customized gifting programs integrate strategic, creative and logistical solutions to deliver enduring sentimental impact.

Our Values


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in conscious consumerism and the idea of having a positive social and economic impact. This is why we created our ESG Collection (Environmental and Social Gifting) to offer gifts that maximize positive impressions while minimizing negative global impact.

Selecting products from our ESG Collection means your purchasing decisions have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact in our world.

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Careers + Business Collaborations

Are you an artist looking to collaborate with us? We’d love to hear from you.

Are you passionate about making a daily positive impact on others? We are always looking for heartfelt professionals to join us for administration, client services, operations, event management, brand ambassadors and sales opportunities.