Canadian Artisan Inukshuk Soapstone Box


This soapstone box is created by hand in solid Canadian & Brazilian soapstone. Each box is a unique in colour, shape and size. The colour ranges from dark brown and green to light brown and green, and natural markings are considered a unique feature of the product. The Inukshuk is etched on the lid and is a well known symbol of friendship, communication, direction and to mark a milestone.

Minimum 12 units.

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These life-like figures, originally created by the Inuit people, have acted as guides for travelers in Canada’s far north for centuries. “Inukshuk” is an Inuktitut word meaning “in the image of man”. They are a directional marker and an eternal symbol of the importance of friendship and communication between people, companies, and countries. The Inukshuk is often given as a memento of Canada.


Soapstone is originally composed of minerals such as pyrite, quartz and calcite. While the long formation process may create a smooth & soft texture throughout the stone, other minerals blend in creating the veins & irregular striations that appear on each piece.

Soapstone Care Card

Despite their durable appearance, soapstone needs to be handled with care. Soapstone is very soft and may be scratched easily with a ring or fingernail. Should this occur, use a black felt-tipped marker and apply to the affected area and quickly wipe with a soft cloth.

Furniture polish helps maintain the glossy finish of the stone. An occasional dusting is all the cleaning required. Do not immerse in water.

Approximately 5"L x 4.25" W x 1 1/4" H

Packaged with a soapstone Inukshuk care card in a white gift box with recycled crinkle paper.

For a personal note card please include your message with the order. Orders of 12 units ship in 2-3 weeks. Larger orders ship in 4-6 weeks. This product is custom made and all sales are final.