Change of Season, Exquisite Maple Pewter Bowl


Following a 2000-year-old craft tradition, this exquisite pewter bowl has a nice weight and a soft smooth exterior finish. Carefully sculpted and hand polished it emits a warm rich glow. The bowl is adorned with an authentic Maple Leaf, embossed on the sandy textural surface. A gorgeous keepsake to recognize and celebrate a dear friend or colleague. Made in Canada.

Minimum 4 units.

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Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian maple leaf is easily identifiable and proudly Canadian. A symbol since 1860, the maple leaf was officially incorporated into the Canadian Flag in 1965. Maple trees are especially magnificent in the fall as their leaves transform from green to a vibrant mix of brilliant colours. A unique Canadian symbol of the seasons.

Care Card

This fine pewter will not tarnish. Simply wipe with a silver cloth to regenerate its shine. Pewter is a low melting point alloy and should not be exposed to direct heat. It is a soft metal and should be handled with care to avoid denting or scratching.

Approximately 6.5"D x 2.5"H circular bowl with flat bottom

Packaged in a white gift box with black crinkle paper, tissue and a Maple Leaf enclosure card.

For a personal note card please include your message with the order. Orders of 4-12 units ship in 3-4 weeks. Larger orders ship in 4-6 weeks. This product is custom made and all sales are final.